Amplifiers 5.1 &7.1 original dolby atmos :

New looking stylish panel.
* 35-0-35VAC 15A Transformer(TYPE 16), 12-0-12V 3A, 20-0-20V 2A, 0-4V 2A .
* 4 nos of 10,000 MFD 63V , 5010 Metal diode based rectifier .
* 600 watts Subwoofer amplifier board.
* 6*300 watts for surrounding .
* speaker protector with 4sec time delay, AC sense, overload and shot circuit protection
* remote kit 4 sec ON time delay based programming 16*2 display 2 nos of NE 5532 based sub woofer low pass filter USB input MIC, AUX, CD – 3 nos of analogue inputs 5.1 DVD input individual gainer for each channel stand-by mode mute Front LR, Rear LR, Center, Subwoofer, Bass, Treble – individual volume control * digital inputs – Optical 1, Optical 2, Coaxial.

Decoder Specs:

32-bit multi-core audio DSP, CS8422 192KHz digital receiver, 192KHz/24bit ADC and DAC.
✧ Three-way HDMI audio and video input, one HDMI audio and video output, compatible with HDMI 1.4/2.0, HDCP1.4 Rate up to 4Kx2K 30Hz and 4Kx2K 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0 format. HDMI The HDMI-3 interface supports
✧ Support CEC, ARC function, RCP, 3D format, support 24-bit mode and MHL input packedpixel mode.
✧ Three-way SPDIF digital input, designed as fiber optic or coaxial input as needed.
✧ With I 2 S digital PCM output interface, users can choose DAC and ADC to achieve better mode audio output.
✧ Analog audio output, you can choose different low-pass filter circuits to get different effects.
Surround mode can select multiple modes such as stereo, auto, PROLOGIC IIX, DTS NEO6 and custom DSP.
✧ With 4 sets of preset equalization and high and low pitch control, users can make 4 sound effects, each sound can adjust the pitch independently or multi-segment frequency Heng Complete speaker settings support front speaker size, subwoofer installation/non-installation, center, surround and rear speakers large, small or not installed, all The part can be selected by register. Provide IO port for front large speaker / small speaker superposition control, in line with Dolby and DTS standards.

Audio signal sampling function, the input audio signal frequency is sampled, which can realize multi-segment spectrum display, with spectrum ALC gain control output, which can be realized a wide spectrum display shows that the user’s host can read the I2C data directly to achieve a beautiful spectrum display Built-in common volume chip control program, you can select and customize the volume IC and volume steps.
All channels can be fine-tuned with +/-10dB of channel.
The high-pass filter cutoff frequency of the small speaker and the low-pass filter cutoff frequency of the subwoofer can be adjusted linearly.

Our Assembled Products:

We can make amplifiers with display upto 7 inch and android amplifiers with fabulous music performance and so we can make any other technical needs as per the customer requirements.

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